Thermomix tuna mornay recipes

ThermoFun – Creamy Tuna Muffins Recipe

ThermoFun – Creamy Tuna Muffins Recipe

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ThermoFun November FREE Thermomix Meal Plan

CRISPY TOPPED TUNAMORNAY. CREAMY TUNA MUFFINS. TUNA CAKES. If you are like me and meal planning is just in the too hard basket or you sit down and think what are we going to eat
Delicious Dairy-free Lasagne

Delicious Dairy-free Lasagne

I use the thermomix to make it because it's just so easy but you can of course do it on the stove top and I have included those instructions as well

I’m so hungry I could eat my own cooking

It’s never been a secret that I HATED cooking with a sincere passion prior to owning a Thermomix. I made a tuna bake and forgot to put tuna in it

ThermoFun FREE May 2017 Meal Plan

This free thermomix meal plan is provided every month to make your nights easier. CRISPY TOPPED TUNAMORNAY

ThermoFun – Favourite Dinner Meal Ideas

A little while ago a friend (also a Thermomix owner) and I were sitting down talking about our favourite Thermomix meals and if we had to pick one it would just be too hard – although most of you would say anything containing chocolate for me – yes I can hear you all now