Thermomix rhubarb jam recipes

Thermomix Pancakes

They taste really good with dollops of my Strawberry and RhubarbJam spread over the top. A simple and easy Thermomix recipe for the classic pancake, made with flour, milk and eggs

Thermomix Almond Butter

This Thermomix Almond Butter is far tastier and more nutritional than anything out of a jar. The Thermomix bowl also starts to heat up which makes it all the more tempting to eat the mixture before storing it
What's inside my Fridge?

What's inside my Fridge?

Thermomix stock concentrate. Homemade jam (strawberry/rhubarb/ginger). I store onions in the fridge because it keeps you from crying when you cut into them - even though the Thermomix chops them for me, I still have to peel them and chop them in half and even that is enough to make me start crying

Nan's mini bakewell tarts

)As a tribute to my beautiful, kind-natured Nanna who passed away recently, I have adapted her mini bakewell tarts for the Thermomix