Rocky road with rice bubbles recipes

Rocky Road

Rocky Road

This is my standard recipe with the secret and quite topical ingredient of ricebubbles which I added as a texture substitute one year when told teachers' presents couldn't contain nuts

Torres del Paine W Trek, Patagonia

Snowcapped mountain on one side, wide valley on the other, and a gradually ascending rocky trail that meanders through a patchwork of low scrub and over bubbling streams
Easy Kids Party Food Recipes

Easy Kids Party Food Recipes

) will LOVE this Clinkers RockyRoad. My Honey and Rice Bubble Slice is always a hit with the kids. You can give your party guests a hit of veggies with these yummy Zucchini and Cheese Mini Muffins

Rocky Road Divine

Line a lamington tray with foil including the sides. Sprinkle crushed nuts, ricebubbles and chopped cherries/Turkish Delight over the marshmallow layer, ensuring the ingredients fill the gaps between marshmallows

Rocky Road

Line a 18cm square cake tin with foil or baking paper. 2 cups ricebubbles. Melt chocolate. Mix rest of ingredients together and then pour over melted chocolate, combine well then press into tin and place in fridge to set

Rocky Road

Combine marshmallows, ricebubbles and cocoa in a mixing bowl. Line a 18cm square cake tin with greased foil. 2 cups ricebubbles

Rocky Road

Combine marshmallows, RiceBubbles, nuts, milk melts, Easter eggs and coconut in a large bowl. Cut rockyroad into squares

Rocky Road White Christmas

Line a lamington tin with baking paper. Combine coconut, powdered milk, icing sugar mixture, RiceBubbles, walnuts, cherries and pink marshmallows in large bowl, mixing well

Rocky Road Slice

3 cups RiceBubbles. Chop chocolate and copha and stir together in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water until melted

Kids Fav Mini Rocky Road

I use the all naturals brand for the kids with no preservatives cause you never know if other kids have allergies

Gluten Free Chocolate Crackles

Marshmallows, Smarties, Toasted Coconut, Hundreds and Thousands, Gluten Free RockyRoad, you can even drizzle the tops with melted gluten free white chocolate…