Pavlova magic recipes

4 Epic Ways to Dress a Pavlova Base

4 Epic Ways to Dress a Pavlova Base

Ever worked your magic on a pavlova base and the magic just isn’t happening for you that day. Aussies have been dressing pavlovas in all their fineries for as long as they have been available in a box
Quince Meringue Pie

Quince Meringue Pie

It was super easy, too – I just set it to mix and pottered around the kitchen while it worked its magic
Recipe: Turkish Delight Gateau

Recipe: Turkish Delight Gateau

Or a ginormous pavlova. I can only assume that the mousse knew that cardamom was required, and thus it created some through kitchen magic

Treat Yo’ Self: 100 Reasons To Eat Cake!

Condensed Milk Cheesecake Pavlova Stack. Chocolate Custard Magic Cake. If you want to take a break from the fluffy cakes you’ve been eating all your life, you can opt to make and eat a pavlova instead

Tropical Coconut Meringue Torte

Prepare pavlova mix and fold in coconut. 1 x 125 g White Wings PavlovaMagic Dessert Mix. Preheat oven to 170°C

Kid Free Party Food Ideas

Mini Pavlova Desserts. No kid-free party can ever be without their magic combination. These mini pavlova desserts are the perfect way to end on a (sugar) high

How to Make 2 Minute Strawberry Jam

On Pavlova with cream or mascapone. Leave for 10 minutes and you will find the chia has absorbed all the liquid and magically thickened the jam

Pear Ice-Cream Cake

To serve, turn ice-cream out onto serving plate and drizzle a swirl or lattice pattern with Chocolate Ice magic