Pasta with kabana recipes

Pre Dinner Snacks

Pre Dinner Snacks

I purchase a chorizo or stick of kabana fortnightly and never seem to have any trouble using it up - chopped up and into pasta sauces, as a topping for homemade pizza, into soups or sautéed and tossed with potatoes or other vegetables in much the same way as bacon

Macaroni Cheese with Kabana

Place onion, bacon, kabana and cheese sauce in with the macaroni, stir until well combined. Fry onion in a little oil with the bacon until the onion has softened

Tangy Kabana Pasta Salad

Slice up kabana and place into pasta. Cook pasta in lightly salted boiling water. Drain and run under cold water or pop in the fridge to cool pasta

Quick & Easy Pasta Sauce

bacon ror kabana or roast beef or lamb. If you have olives, add them now,Cook pasta as per instructions

Cheat's Paella (Easy Spanish Rice)

Add the chorizo/kabana,rice, pasta sauce, stock, salt, sugar, chili sauce if using, pepper, herbs, bay leaves if using