Michelle bridges healthy recipes

Michelle Bridges on the little things that build a beautiful life

The first time I met Michelle was by chance in a local cafe (she was eating a very healthy muffin and I was not) and yes, she is just lovely and ever since then I have wanted hit her up for the little things that help make her life beautiful and here they are…

Crunchy Asian Pork Salad

The first recipe was from MichelleBridges “No Excuses” Cookbook, Indian Spiced Chicken. Healthy Asian Salad
Paleo Salted Caramel Slice

Paleo Salted Caramel Slice

It's time for a change of pace, and today, I have a paleo recipe from MichelleBridges' new book, Food for Life

Hello 12WBT

I look strong and healthy in this pic taken last month. but whilst we think we are choosing healthy options unless you're making it yourself you have absolutely no idea
"Heart Attack" Potato Bake

"Heart Attack" Potato Bake

I dare say MichelleBridges would have a heart attack just reading the ingredients for this potato bake and would no doubt suggest this be sin binned for eternity

The Low Down On Weight Loss Programs

The CSIRO Total Well Being Diet is designed to be a long-term healthy eating plan. The Weight Watchers approach is to teach people about healthy food options via a points system
Top Diet Books

Top Diet Books

MichelleBridges Collection. Having achieved your goal weight already, this book shows you how to eat for the rest of your life to maintain your healthy new weight

Funny Instagram Comments That Have Backfired On Me!

Am basically MichelleBridges. But when those words were presented to me in a pop up GIF they looked utterly ridiculous and completely inappropriate, especially considering the award was focusing on promoting HEALTHY LIVING #FFS

Five Reasons Why Shopping Is Good For You

Sure there weren’t as many active minutes in there as MichelleBridges would probably like us all to have, but hey, it’s better than sitting at home on the couch

Why are people so unkind?

If you were fit and healthy before you had kids there is no reason why you cannot return to that same state