Marie biscuits condensed milk marshmallows recipes

Mother-In-Laws Swiss Steak

Marie RaynerPrint Recipe. Rich and delicious, this naturally sweetened coconut bar is coated with milk chocolate and no added sugar

Pineapple Marshmallow Slice

Crush biscuits in a food processor. ½ packet small coloured marshmallows. 2 packets Arrowroot or Mariebiscuits. 1½ x 400 g tins condensedmilk

Lemon Marshmallow Slice

Crush biscuits and mix with other ingredients. ½ x 400 g tin condensedmilk. 225 g Mariebiscuits. Base. Press into a lined Swiss roll tin and set in the fridge

Marshmallow Treats

Add vanilla and crushed biscuits. Combine butter, condensedmilk, brown sugar and cocoa in a saucepan and heat until melted, stirring all the time