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Flying Fish - Pyrmont

Flying Fish - Pyrmont

skin. butter just disappeared into the warm bread as soon as it was spread on. absolutely loved the strong ginger cooked

Parmesan crusted John Dory with shaved celery salad recipe

4 Pan fry the fillet for 2 minutes onone side, turn and cover the fillet with the parmesan crumbs. 6 Place the salad on a plate, top the crumbed fillet and place the lime cheek on the side to serve. 120 g JohnDory fillet, skin removed

Goujons of John Dory with pecan crust and lime mayonnaise recipe

Tip out onto a plate and set aside. Drain on paper towel. Season with pepper. 1 Pour oil into a medium saucepan until one-third full. 5 Arrange fish goujonson a plate season with salt and pepper and serve with large dollop mayonnaise and a lime. 1 JohnDory fillet, skin removed, sliced into 2cm-thick slices