Ginger nut biscuits condensed milk recipes

120 Biscuits for Less than $7

120 Biscuits for Less than $7

Dried Apricot with ginger and rolled in coconut. Chocolate with Dried Ginger. Nutrition. Add the condensedmilk and sifted self raising flour, mix to form a dough
Toffee Apple Pie

Toffee Apple Pie

condensedmilk. for the biscuit base 300g gingernutbiscuits (crushed) 125g butter (melted) for the apple filling 3 x large pink lady or pink cripps apples 4tbsp Hornsby's blueberry cider for the toffee topping 100g butter 100g soft dark brown sugar 1 x can of condensedmilk for the biscuit base combine the crushed biscuits with the melted butter pack into an 6" spring form cake tin chill in the fridge for about 1 hour until set for the apple filling heat the apples & cider in a pan cook out the cider leave to cool completely for the toffee topping melt the butter and sugar together until the sugar is dissolved add the condensedmilk cook on a medium-high heat until boiling - stirring all the time when the mixture turns a toffee colour, has reduced slightly & is thickened remove from the heat leave to cool for 10 minutes putting together once the biscuit base is set top with the apples spread the toffee on the top of the apples chill for another 30 minutes until the toffee is set serve with single cream Notes this is the richest dessert I have ever made. 300g gingernutbiscuits. 1 x can of condensedmilk. 30 minutes until the toffee is set
Gini's yummy large slice

Gini's yummy large slice

Chop nuts in food processor - not too fine, it is nice to be lumpy. Crush biscuits and add butter - will need to be of a wet consistency

The Best Bulk Cookie Recipe with only 5 Ingredients

Suggested flavours - chocolate (add cocoa to flour) - chocolate chip/chunks - sultana - peanut butter - caramel candy and salt - dried apple & cinnamon - coconut - nuts - grated citrus zest - sprinkles - M&Ms - other chopped candy - Jam Thumbprint Cookies - Nutella and other nut spreads - bake in a mini muffin tray and create cookie cups (fill with desired filling) - mashed banana or other fruits and vegetables - breakfast cereal like weetbix, cornflakes or rice krispies - ginger (powdered or crystallised) - Spiced
Taiwanese cuisine

Taiwanese cuisine

Another is ‘stinky’ meat – that is, ‘maggoty game’ that has begun to rot, which is then barbecued, fried, seasoned with garlic and ginger then served with spicy sauce

Ginger and Macadamia Nut Balls

Combine biscuits and nuts in bowl. Add the condensedmilk, butter and golden syrup to a saucepan and stir over a low heat until combined

Ginger Nut Roll

Chopped raisins and ginger, to taste. Coconut. Spread coconut on 2 pieces of foil. 1 x 250 g packet gingernutbiscuits, crushed. ½ x 395 g tin condensedmilk

Caramel Ginger Nut Bites

Break the biscuits in half and process in a food processor. Melt remaining butter, condensedmilk and sugar on the stove top until sugar has dissolved and the mixture has thickened

Ginger Macadamia Coconut Slice

Add butter to biscuits in large bowl and mix well, press into lined slice tin. Evenly distribute remaining dry ingredients, then pour milk over

Fruity Choc Nut Slice

Spread combined choc bits, ginger, cherries and almond evenly over the base. Sprinkle coconut over the top and then pour on condensedmilk

Pear & Ginger Cheesecake

Crush biscuits and mix with melted butter, press into springform pan place in fridge to set. Chop up cream chesse and beat in electric mixer with can od condensedmilk until smooth and creamy

Cheesecake Slice

If using Butternut Snap biscuits or GingerNuts, place biscuits on oven tray and put into oven on low heat to soften

Dave's Christmas Kahlua Balls

I blend the half a pack of gingernuts and arrowroot in a food processor so they are like coarse bread crumbs

Mars Bar Cheescake

Crush biscuits in food processor. Mix cream cheese, condensedmilk and vanilla in food processor. Rub butter into biscuits until all mixed