Donna hay lemon drizzle cake recipes

Cherry Spice Melting Moments

Adapted from DonnaHay. They were little butter bombs filled with zesty lemon cream. But there was something quite magical about picking our own cherries with the excited chatter of children in the background that helped us forget the drizzle
Summer Perfect Food

Summer Perfect Food

Place all the mixture into a large bowl, stir through the lemon juice and creme fraiche. Lemon Slice with Pistachios (yoinked from Belinda Jeffrey's Mix & Bake)This is much, much easier than a lemon tart, but just as tasty

Winter mojo

Teamed with DonnaHay's Chocolate cream cheese frosting and some blueberries on top, I hope to put a smile on others faces at least


Top with the maple butter, drizzle over the maple syrup and serve with lemon wedges. Top hotcakes with maple butter and drizzle over maple syrup