Continental french onion soup mix recipes

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Killer beef

Killer beef

I think that when I'm out, I'll most likely switch to a locally available onionsoupmix of some sort, either Continental or some similar brand, probably in the FrenchOnion flavor

Potato Bake

2)Mixsoupmixture, cream and milk till combined. 3)Place potatoes in a casserole dish and pour soupmixture over (liquid needs to cover all of the potato). 3/4 packet ContinentalFrenchOnion and mushroom soup


Place it in an oven proof dish and cover with thickend cream, Stir in ContinentalFrenchOnionSoupMix

Lamb Chops Supreme

Add mushrooms, carrots and onion. Combine soupmix, water and mustard, then pour over meat and vegetables

Seafood Avocado Dip

Add FrenchOnionSoupmix gradually to ensure even consistency and add lemon, pepper and salt. First mash your avocados and then mix with the Lite Sour Cream until chunkily smooth