Caramel hedgehog slice condensed milk recipes

Fabulous Foodie Fridays #9 – The Ultimate Snickers Slice

Fabulous Foodie Fridays – Chocolate HedgehogSlice. All you do is chop up your Snickers bars (feel free to munch away as you go), crush up some biscuits, melt the butter and condensedmilk and mix them all together with some cocoa and extra peanuts
Yin and Yang Cookies.

Yin and Yang Cookies.

I prefer to make a smaller quantity and either freeze the remaining condensedmilk for another time or more usually make a small batch of no churn icecream or a caramelhedgehog, see this post for the recipes

Caramel Hedgehog Slice

Add the sweetened condensedmilk and bring to boil. Combine with crushed biscuits and press into a slice tin