top ten tips for bread baking without a machine
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  • 1. If you usually make white bread and want to make it a bit more nutritional, substitute brown flour for some of the white flour in the recipe
  • 2. Use loads and loads and LOADS of butter to grease your loaf tin
  • 3. If you live in a country with a cool climate and struggle to make your dough rise, turn the oven on full power for one minute, turn it off and place the covered bowl with the dough in inside the oven. The heat from the oven will make the dough rise beautifully.
  • 4. If you
  • 5. If you
  • 6. Do not skimp on the rising times
  • 7. When leaving your dough to rise, you need to cover it so it doesn
  • 9. If you
  • 10. Tip your loaf of bread out of the tin and tap the bottom to check to see if it



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