How to make Thermomix egg noodles: the healthy pasta alternative
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  • 1 part eggs
  • 1.35 parts flour
  • salt
  • 1 teaspoon salt
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  • 1 tsp oil or butter for greasing the varoma tray 140 g eggs (about 3 eggs) 140 g thick unsweetened plain yoghurt (Greek style or similar) (can substitute with medium firm tofu for a dairy-free alternative) 190 g white flour (all purpose) 1 tsp salt optional: turmeric, nutmeg, pepper, garlic powder Instructions Read notes above for "Three important tips" regarding preparation -- this is important. Using your largest pot, set about 10-12 cm of water to boil on stove. You want this water to be gently boiling just as dough/batter is done mixing, otherwise if dough is kept waiting for the water to boil things will get sticky and clean-up will take longer... (At my house the dough takes about 3 minutes to make but the water takes about 4 minutes to boil, so I always ensure water is almost at boil when I begin mixing the dough.) Set Thermomix scale to tare and add eggs into Thermomix bowl, so you are weighing them without the shell. Add yoghurt, using weight of your eggs as guide. (for example, if your eggs weighed 140 g then add 140 g yoghurt.) Blend eggs and yoghurt 7 sec/speed 6. Scrape down sides of bowl with spatula, add flour and salt and any optional seasonings. See the guide above this recipe for how much flour. (Flour amount should equal to the weight of your eggs multiplied by 1.35) Mix 6 sec/speed 6. Knead for 2:30 minutes/dough setting. Use this time to grease both sides of the varoma tray. When dough is ready and water is gently boiling, pour dough/batter into the varoma tray which is set over the pot of boiling water. The ideal dough will be like a very thick pancake batter. Not too thin, but still somewhat pourable. You do not want it to be stiff like bread dough or it will not fit through the holes in the varoma tray. If your dough is too stiff, add one egg or more yoghurt and continue kneading till best consistency is reached. Using a large flexible spatula (like this one!), spread the dough/batter across the varoma tray while pressing through holes. The batter will drop into the boiling water and form "baby dumplings". (When all the dough is through, immediately soak or rinse the varoma and Thermomix jug.) These egg noodles are ready when they float to the surface. Just give a gentle stir to ensure they are not sticking together and cook for about half a minute longer. Scoop out using a strainer and rinse gently under cool water. Serve immediately or add a drop of oil or butter if storing for later use. Freshly cooked egg noodles keep well, refrigerated for a few days. Notes about using turmeric for colour: When making the basic recipe I always add a large pinch of turmeric -- it's not necessary but gives the noodles a lovely golden colour as seen in the photos on this page. about using traditional spaetzle-making tools: The dough/batter recipe above is designed for using with the Thermomix varoma. If using another type of strainer or specialized spaetzle tool you may need a slightly stiffer dough that will hold up better when passed through larger holes. Just add a little more flour, about 1-2 tablespoons 3.2.2045



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