Easy Butter Poached Sous Vide Lobster Tails (includes Thermomix method)
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  • 50 g salted butter cut into cubes
  • 1 tsp oil
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 1. To easily remove the shells from the lobster tails, bring a large pan of boiling, lightly salted water to the boil, and plunge the the tails in for 30 seconds (no more), then immediately remove and plunge into cold water for a few minutes to prevent them from cooking further.2. Use a large knife or cleaver to then split the tails in half through the middle from top to bottom, and then remove the black, intestinal vein (if it is in there) which runs along the back, and discard.
  • 59 degrees Celcius
  • 2. Heat half of the butter in a small pan
  • 3. Place the lobster tail halves in the bottom of your bag, and pour the warm butter over them, then gently massage the bag to make sure the lobster tails are thoroughly and evenly coated in butter
  • 4. Make sure the lobster tails are sitting naturally in the bottom of the bag, next
  • 5. Put the sealed bag of lobster tails into the pre
  • 15 minutes at
  • 59 degrees celcius, This will give you tender and juicy lobster which is just perfectly cooked
  • 2. Put half of the butter, cubed into the Thermomix bowl, with the oil, and heat
  • 4. Make sure
  • 1.5 litres full
  • 31 and TM
  • 4. Remove the lobster tails and set aside while you heat the water up
  • 5. As soon as the water is ready



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