Cottees instant pudding recipes

Recipe: Banana Pudding

Recipe: Banana Pudding

Now, I don't know how traditional my 'pudding' recipe is… but I did find that Cottee's make an instant vanilla pudding, so I used that as my place to start and I got busy making
Cherry Ripe Trifle

Cherry Ripe Trifle

Cover jelly with the chocolate pudding. Whip cream and icing sugar until firm and pour over chocolate pudding and then top with the remaining chopped cherry ripe bars
Divine Vanilla Slice

Divine Vanilla Slice

Place cream, instant pudding, custard powder and vanilla into the bowl of a food processor and process on medium speed until combined and thick, it must not fall from a spoon

vanilla slice.

Place milk and cream in bowl empty instant pudding contents and beat with electric beaters untill thick and no lumps are left

Creamy Vanilla Slice

Combine milk and cream in a bowl, then add pudding mixture. 2 x 100 g packets Cottee's vanilla instant pudding mix

creamy vanilla slice

Pour cream into bowl, sprinkle pudding mix over and add a dash of vanilla essence. 1 packet cottees instant pudding mix

m & m's cheesecake

add pudding mixtur, beat, add cream beat till all combined and quite thick. 1/3 packet cottee's instant pudding mix vanilla flavor

vanilla slice

In a large bowl, mix together the instant puddings, the vanillin sugar, the cream and the milk until it thickens up

Vanilla Slices

Place vanilla instant puddings, cold milk and cream in bowl and beat until thick. 2 packets Cottees Vanilla Instant Pudding